About Our Brands


SlopeStyle is all about offering high-quality, performance layering and accessories for women, with a fashion twist. The brands we offer have been carefully selected to deliver on all points. While you may not be familiar with some of our brands yet, we encourage you to give them a try.  Once you do, we predict you'll become as big a fan as we are!

KRIMSON KLOVER believes fashion, like food, is best when made from scratch, thoughtfully and with intention. They create pieces with an eye toward the future, clothing that stands the test of time.  They craft apparel using luxurious natural fibers from sustainable sources. Their commissioned vintage-style illustrations and bold designs cloak you in daring.  Everything they do is inspired by a life well lived.

KARI TRAA is not just a champion freestyle skier from Norway with three Olympic medals to her name, but also the creator of one of the fastest growing women's sports brands.  The collection features a strong color palette, an unmistakable design and the highest technical quality. The rugged Norwegian nature, harsh weather conditions and a strong sense of Scandinavian traditions are the sources of inspiration for Kari Traa’s designs. Her sportswear is designed to perfectly fit the female body, but still fulfill the needs of an active, sporty and adventurous lifestyle.

FERA/MEISTER creates stylish skiwear and leisurewear that transitions beautifully from sport to street. Designed by a global team and tested by a community of athletic, fashionable enthusiasts, FERA apparel is created with these core values in mind: Fit, Ease, Responsive Design, and Versatility.

HOT CHILLYS is the #1 base layer in winter sport apparel, making technically superb products for anyone who likes to have a good time. Their base layers, socks and fleece products all have one thing in common:  to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and looking good so you can focus on whatever activity makes you happy.

KILLTEC has been developing collections for sports and leisure for 40 years with lots of passion and experience. Ski sports and outdoors are the core competencies, and current fashionable trends are always incorporated in the design. All products distinguish themselves by their intricate details and their excellent value.  With killtec products, pleasure and fun during sports activities and in everyday life are a given.

LOST HORIZONS / LAUNDROMAT wants to help you look your best while fighting off the cold.  Since 2000 they have been combining Canadian designs with the skills and talents of knitters from Nepal in order to create some of the best handknits around.  The company's overall mission, however, goes beyond style and comfort. They are committed to ensuring that all parties involved in their business are treated respectfully, fairly and equitably. Their products are made with 100% natural wool and eco-friendly colour dyes, and those who make these products are treated with respect, paid fairly and work in a healthy environment.  Laundromat is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation www.fairtradefederation.org.

OBERMEYER's story has it all: courage, vision, and pure-and-simple love. From Klaus Obermeyer climbing high into the mountains at a young age, to award-winning environmental practices and industry-leading, innovative product design, there is a real, passionate, palpably beating heart to all things Obermeyer.  Beautiful, peak-performing garments and accessories that will let you stay outside longer, go further, ski harder… and love every second of it.

SNOW ANGEL is inspired by fashion as much as by technical advances in fibers and finishes, with base layers that are ideal for snow sports. Fashionable, functional, flattering, and comfortable, Snow Angel is for life's marathon!

STARLING hats were launched almost 30 years ago during a frosty winter in the mountains of Poland.  Taking inspiration from snow-filled forests, crackling fireplaces and wild animals, these beautifully-knit hats are made with top-quality yarns to provide warmth, lightness and texture.