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  • Ready, Set, Snow

    Now that winter is in sight, what can winter sports enthusiasts look forward to?  Basically, a lot!  Here are some of the trends that will shape the season ahead. View Post
  • An Uphill Perspective

    This week I ventured over to my local ski area for a hike on the trails.  My goal on this beautiful summer day was a simple one:  to hike to the peak while enjoying the beauty of a ski slope that I knew well.  For my journey, I selected a scenic trail that I have skied many times.  The trail pro... View Post
  • Goodbye Winter, Hello Non-Winter

    My home mountain officially closed last week, an event I greeted with heavy heart.  Although my own final day of skiing was back in early May, for the past few weeks I liked knowing that I could still take a few runs if I wanted.  I also enjoyed seeing posts of other skiers who tried to squeeze e... View Post