New Year's Day Predictions

Every New Year’s Day, I make sure that I get out on the slopes, no excuses.  Cold, wind, and even exhaustion can’t keep me away… I’ll be up and out when the mountain opens.  It’s always a fun way to start the year, and I come away feeling like I’ve accomplished something on Day 1.

After the first few years of this tradition, I began to convince myself that my skiing experience on New Year’s Day would predict the conditions in my life during the year ahead.  If the weather is clear and bright and the snow is good, I can expect a great year ahead.  If it’s icy or windy or cold, the year may be more challenging. 

Logically, I know that my life isn’t linked to my New Year’s Day skiing experience. Some years, my predictions have been correct, but there have been years when I had a great first day on the slopes and life delivered some difficult blows later in the year.  On the other hand, I remember one year when it was so bitter cold and windy on New Year’s Day that I only lasted for one run, but (thankfully) the predicted challenges in my life failed to materialize during the year. 

Still, I enjoy making my predictions, and this year was no different.  When I awoke this morning I was greeted with mild weather and bright blue skies.  The snow was fresh, the crowds held off until lunchtime, and I was able to get in a great morning of skiing.

Looks like the year ahead is promising.

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